In A Podcast, CEO Of Twitter Jack Dorsey Stated That He Doesn’t Use Facebook’s Apps

We all know that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has never been the biggest fan of Facebook, and it seems that Dorsey still does not care for Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg. In a podcast, the Twitter boss said that he does not use Facebook or Instagram and takes ‘different approaches’ to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Jack Dorsey leads Twitter and Square, a smartphone payments company, and he revealed his anti-Facebook product choices in a recent conversation with Rich Kleiman who hosted ‘The Boardroom: Out of Office’ podcast. Kleiman is friends with Jack Dorsey and is a sports agent and businessman who co-founder Thirty Five Ventures. He also manages Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant. Kleiman’s recent chat with Twitter CEO was aired earlier this month, and it made it clear that Dorsey is not a fan of Mark Zuckerberg’s company’s suite of applications.

During the podcast, Kleiman and Dorsey discussed various topics including Jack Dorsey’s intense diet, meditation regimen, and exercise. At one point, Kleiman asked about the top 3 social platforms to his assistant Gianni Harrell. His assistant replied that those social media sites are Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. On the other hand, Dorsey replied to the same question that it is the exact opposite of that.

Dorsey said that he does not really like the Instagram app, and he loves what Snapchat has innovated around. Twitter CEO, generally adopt, different approach than that of Mark Zuckerberg. Recently, Twitter flagged a post from Donald Trump that says, ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts.’ On the other hand, Facebook did not take any action against a similar post from President Trump.

Facebook CEO has not been shy about criticizing Twitter, and according to leaked audio obtained by The Verge back in October, Zuckerberg said in an all-hands meeting that Twitter cannot do as good of a job as Facebook can. However, Twitter CEO’s refusal to Facebook’s apps may also stem from another issue. According to a recent report, former CEO Instagram Kevin Systrom and Dorsey were friends. When Systrom launched the Instagram app, Dorsey invested in Instagram and became an early influencer on the platform.

However, Dorsey stopped using Instagram after Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. Dorsey was upset with Systrom for not approaching him for the deal first, according to Sarah Frier’s book ‘No Filter: The Indie Story of Instagram.’ The unpleasantness between Zuckerberg and Dorsey started back in 2011. In 2011, Facebook CEO served Dorsey cold goat for dinner that Zuckerberg had killed himself.

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