Google is bringing its version of TikTok-inspired short-form videos in Google Discover

TikTok is a famous short-form video-sharing app, and these days, it is going through a tough time. But apparently, its video format is quite popular, and even the countries that are blocking the app are creating their versions of TikTok.

Recently, as spotted by Jatin Chaudhary, Google has brought a new feature to its Google Discover. It is called ‘Short Videos.’

Google Discover always shows users articles, videos, and links based on their interest and the usual content they search for on Google. Amongst other things, weather updates, temperature, sports scores, and other latest happenings appear in Google Discover feed. It also shows Accelerated Mobile Pages content. So, with this new update, Google Discover is going to have another carousel of ‘Short Videos’. It is a unique feature on Google and is different from AMP ‘Stories.’

Since TikTok has been banned in India, they use TikTok’s competitor app ‘Trell’. Most of the videos found in ‘Short Videos’ currently are from Trell users. Another app, Tangi’s videos are also appearing in Google Discover’s ‘Short Videos’, i.e. according to 9to5Google. Tangi is a service for 60-second DIY quick videos. Trell content is an AMP link and it opens in the device’s default browser with a ‘Click here’ button to see more content. Controls for muting or unmuting the voice also appear along with a progress indicator. Tangi’s content is not an AMP link but it as the same user interface and branding.

Currently, not much is known about this new feature. It is also unknown as to what extent this feature has rolled out and about the criteria Google is using to highlight content.

On the other hand, YouTube is also working on its version of the TikTok competitor called ‘Shorts.’ It is likely to launch in the following months. And it is also likely that ‘Short’ will also be available to be seen in the new Google Discover carousel.

Facebook and Instagram are also working on short videos and features which are similar to TikTok’s video format. So, it seems that even if TikTok gets banned or even if the app somehow dissolves completely, its users will have a lot of other apps to move on to have the same or almost similar experiences that their beloved TikTok provides.

About Google Discover Short Videos, it is a nice addition and most likely it is going to bring more variety and ‘spunk’ in Discover feed.

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