Google Lens prepares a new ‘Education’ mode for homework, adds offline translation support

Google Lens is an image recognition service designed by Google in 2017. The technology delivers information based on the subject you point your camera at.

Last year, Google updated the service and categorized the UI into 5 different scanning modes. This included Translate, Text, Search, Shopping, and dining. However, in its latest version –, the team at Xda-developers discovered that the search giant is working on a sixth mode: Education.

At a quick glance, it appears that the Education mode would help out with homework – specifically math. However, as of yet, we cannot determine the grade level and intensity of the homework supported by the Lens feature.

It was also discovered that the updated Google App would allow the Lens translate mode to work in offline mode as well. The users can pre-download the language pack and use the Translate option in Lens without an internet connection.

It is still unclear which languages would be downloadable, but it is likely that all the languages supported by Lens will be made available offline.

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