Google’s new Chrome extension gives some insights about ads to the users

Google has come up with a new extension for its Chrome browser. This new ‘Ads Transparency Spotlight’ (Alpha) extension will give the users some more visibility into the information used to personalize ads as well as it will give the users some more control over the data.

This extension will let the users view companies and criteria used to serve ads on the Chrome browser. Not only this, but it will also give information about the ad tech companies helping to display these ads, and the ad platform companies which are serving these ads on the web page. It also lists all the companies and services which have a presence on the page, like content delivery networks or analytics providers. The developers are working on more controls that can be provided to the users.

Ad Transparency Spotlight’s initial goal is to provide a tool for transparency that could look into the criteria being used to show different types of ads on the web page. Their ultimate and long-term goal is to support in building a more transparent ad ecosystem around the globe.

This ad transparency campaign began after 2016’s Presidential Elections. It would not be wrong if we say that those elections changed the course of digital advertising for good! After some revelations of Foreign infiltration into American news feeds, invasive personal data collected by the political firm known as Cambridge Analytica which brought a huge fine on the head of Mark Zuckerberg - So, after these issues that caused a major uproar, ad platforms are trying to bring as much transparency to their platforms as possible.

Tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google started implementing new rules to bring ad transparency to their platforms after 2016, and this extension by Google Chrome is part of yet another endeavor to provide ad transparency to the users.

This new extension will also let the users know the reasons why ads are shown on a page. So, with these controls, it is quite evident that ads are going to be transparent and this is one way that might give people an idea of how and where their data is being used.

At the moment, this extension only shows information about ads that are purchased through Google Ads and that have implemented the ‘Ad Disclosure Schema.’ When others will also implement this schema, their ads will also start appearing in the extension.

Now, let us learn how to use this extension?

First, you have to download the extension from Google Chrome Web Store, and then you have to Click on the Ads Transparency Spotlight icon that will appear on the top right side of the Chrome browser window.

After clicking the icon, you will be able to view the information about ads on the page by clicking on the Ads tab.

You will also be able to view all companies that have a presence on the page (regardless of whether they have implemented the schema or not) by clicking on the Entities tab.

If you require more information about this extension, you will have to click on the ‘How to participate’ button at the top of the extension.

View Companies and Criteria Used to Serve Ads on Chrome With this Tool

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