Google Chrome tests a ‘Read Later’ feature that would allow users to save and set tabs aside to be reviewed in the future

Recently, a new Chromium commit surfaced and as per the news, it is most likely going to bring in a great change in Google’s Chrome updated version.

As per a software engineer at Google, the browsing giant is working on a new feature, called ‘Read Later.’ This feature is currently in the form of a flag (chrome://flags/#read-later), and the commit reads “Add a flag for Read Later feature.” As per the description that follows, this flag of the Read Later feature will enable the users to save their tabs on aside for future review, or precisely, to read later. This flag will also enable a button and separate menu to access these saved tabs later, whenever the user wishes to go through them. This new button and menu are likely to appear in the desktop version of the Chrome browser soon.

However, this flag is currently not active, but it gives a definite hint to the inclination of Google to bring in something like this, which is almost similar to another rival browser, Edge.

While this feature is new for the Chrome browser users, the users of Edge always had this useful ‘Set Aside Tabs’ feature. It was later replaced by Edge Collections, which allows the users to open multiple tabs at a time and then save them in a collection, or more likely a group. So, when the need arises, users are able to go to their collections of tabs and review them again.

This is especially a handy feature for people who have to do research projects and they have multiple tabs opened up in the browser. It not only gets very cluttered, it actually becomes quite difficult to focus on the main research topic as there is so much distraction on the screen with wild disarray of a variety of opened tabs.

Even if someone is not a researcher and is trying to do a usual surfing, still a clutter of various opened tabs in the browser starts getting on the nerves and reduces the efficacy of the user.

Then there is another problem that arises. If the user closes down one tab by mistake, and later wants to review it, they have to skim through the closed tabs in the ‘History’ to recover that one tab. And most of the time, it becomes difficult to get it back. Not to mention that this search activity further reduces the efficiency of the user and consumes a lot of precious time too.

So, it is a great feature for any browser to save the opened tabs aside for future review, and Chrome users are likely to get it now in the upcoming versions soon. Let us wait and see when it rolls out officially, and makes the lives and work of Chrome users easy, fast, and highly efficient.

Hat Tip: Reddit / Leopeva64-2. Google.

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