Facebook announces new features in partnership with other Video calling and chat services to its Portal Device

Acknowledging the severe conditions of the Global State and an elongated Lockdown, Facebook has announced that they are planning to collaborate with some renowned applications for videoconferencing to make them available within one platform.

In the recent tweets, the Facebook has claimed that since the last few months, they have noted an increment in the conference calls through Messenger. The social media giant further states that Facebook is, therefore, adding BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Webex, and Zoom video calling applications on their conference call supporting Portal devices. It facilitates users in handy communication and in staying connected with everyone and from anywhere.

Notably, Facebook has already launched a Messenger room supporting 50+ people to make a group call at a time, which has lead Facebook to the top in contrast to the Zoom video calling application. However, this additional feature of Facebook allows the users to avail of these services more conveniently and broadly within their devices. People can also avail of this without creating any specific Facebook account.

Facebook has planned to launch this advanced feature nearly in September. Facebook-owned Portal devices have a large portable screen and a built-in high-quality camera that aims to keep you in a frame without causing any inconveniences of quality or adjustment. Along with these features, a conference grouping with a significant number of participants is indeed a sweet treat.

It is yet confusing why Facebook has decided to create a partnership with the applications that are considerably striving hard to compete with Facebook. Yet the features this collaboration promises make the Portal worth to buy. Altogether, it offers a plus point to the partners as it can increase the engagement of consumers on their platforms also.

COVID-19 has reportedly forced people to adopt social distancing measures. For this very purpose, people are willingly staying at home and working to alleviate this health crisis from the globe.

Facebook has come up with this decision of partnering with the above mentioned video calling application to proffer various firms, companies, or businesses to continue their work from home. This feature on Facebook’s portal devices can provoke people to either stay connected with their near and dear ones, conduct official meetings, or contact with their business partners or colleagues.

According to the Portal’s Product Management Director, Micah Collins, the aim is to ensure the quality and feasibility of their owned devices and applications to proffer their consumers with a platform on which they can confidently rely.

As in these hard times, people are really in need of such devices through which they can conveniently stay in contact from their homes or workplace. Additionally, Facebook also has plans to create a separate portal for the workplaces and their employees to ensure privacy.

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