Queries around Black Mental Health, Ableism, and Ableist Language Were Among the Top Searches on Google

Google revealed the latest global search trends and stated that searches for terms including ableism and ableist language were an all-time high. Google also reported a rise in searches related to queries about black mental health worldwide in June of this year.

Google searches for sign language also increased recently, and apart from the searches that reflect growing interest about disabilities, the company stated that there was a record increase in worldwide searches for the term ‘clear face mask’ this month. As people are trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus, it is unsurprising that searches for clear face masks are increased across the globe.

The search giant released the latest search trends on Twitter via the company’s official Twitter account. The company highlighted ableism as one of the top searches this year. According to the company, Google has been seeing growing global search interest in ableism during 2020 as users want to understand disabilities around the world.

The company published a blog post on July 26 and mentioned that in addition to searches related ableism, queries around ableist language were also increasing rapidly on Google’s search engine. The growing searches reflect a sign for the disability rights movement. Google tweeted a GIF highlighting that US citizens searched for the term sign language 2.5 times more as compared to programming language during the last thirty days.

During the last month, the company has noticed an uptick in searches related to black mental health, which hit records high across the globe during the month of June. Google wrote in the blog post that the long-term effect of mental health conditions is usually considered as a disability. Similarly searches for disability pride parades also hit records high, a huge number of queries came particularly from the United Kingdom.

According to Google, searches for disability rights documentary Crip Camp of Netflix were high as compared to band camp. The company wrote in the blog post that the world has gained a greater understanding of what disability actually is, during the last three decades. People have gained a better understanding of how disability impacts various communities in a number of ways. The latest search trends shed a light on this emerging understanding of what disability means.

Alongside these increasing disability-focused searches on Google, the company saw record searches for clear face masks across the globe. The search trend emerged as people across the globe want to stay prevented from the coronavirus infection, and they are looking for solutions to live in this new normal situation being created due to the pandemic.

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