Amazon Updates Alexa App To Focus More On First Party Features and Personalization Options

Moving forward from the developer tools which were released in the previous week, Amazon has now also released a completely updated version of the Alexa app as well.

With the new app in place, users would now be able to enjoy a much more personalized experience appearing right on the home screen and Alexa will now offer more instructions on how people can use the assistant for more work on the phone efficiently, along with the other changes. Overall, with the update Amazon has now focused more on how people are using Alexa on their phones.

The redesign begins with a big Alexa button right at the top which dictates users to either tap or say “Alexa” to get the assistant started. Then comes personalized suggestions that are primarily based on the consumer’s usage. The list would include everything important from reminders to a recently played music track, an Audible book, access to the shopping list, and much more.

Users will also get to see controls that are accessed more often like volume levels for the Echo devices so that users can continue from where they left. There is also another important thing to note here is that the Echo devices might also include Amazon’s Alexa Powered wireless buds -Echo Buds, which might be the reason why Amazon is also bringing such controls to the mobile app.

Furthermore, for the first time, Alexa app will also provide more tips on what users can do on the phone e.g new users would see suggestions like listening to songs on Amazon music or even prompts of managing their personal Alexa Shopping List.

More advanced features of the app like reminders, skills settings or routines are now relocated under the “More” button category. However, just many have assumed, the change hasn’t decluttered the Amazon’s home screen. With Alexa button moving to the top of the screen, there was space left for a navigation bar which Amazon has utilized to put up “Play” button in order to encourage people to listen to music from their platform.

Unfortunately, the revamp has also proved that Amazon’s dedicated Alexa app hasn’t become an absolute favorite of people for the stuff going on in their daily lives.

The previous version of the app had date and weather updates at the top of the screen - which was only put that way with the hope of people using the app as a daily dashboard. But that didn’t happen as consumers only used the app only when they wanted to do Alexa-specific tasks.

In addition to all stated above, the new app also deprioritizes Alexa’s Skills section the feature still needs to be evolved in order to take its place in the app’s eco-system and also compete with Apple and Google Play. Different studies have also shown that people didn’t use much of Alexa’s skills and therefore the development of new skills has been slowed down too.

Amazon’s new app will roll out by next month - just before the release of new iOS, Android and Fire OS devices and the company is hopeful that by the end of August all of the users would be able to migrate to the new experience.

Hat Tip: TechCrunch.

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