YouTube Will Now Allow Creators To Use Mid-roll Ads To Monetize Their Videos That Are At Least 8 Minutes In Length

Google-owned YouTube is making a new change to YouTube’s ad policy that allows creators to use mid-roll ads to monetize clips that are at least 8 minutes long. The new change will prove to be an opportunity for content creators to earn more money from shorter videos. The change may also result in videos getting shorter as previously, creators had to make videos that are at least ten minutes in length to use mid-roll ads.

Ads are necessary for making money for several content creators on any platform. However, it has been seen that Google as well as various other platforms have been making efforts to enhance the ad experience in general. These efforts have resulted in several changes to various services including Google’s YouTube and Chrome.

The company has confirmed in a support page that videos that are at least eight minutes in length will be eligible for using mid-roll ads. Starting in July, creators will be able to monetize these types of videos. Previously, if a creator wanted to include mid-roll ads, they had to create videos that are at least 10 minutes in length.

In an email sent to YouTube content creators, the platform explained how the new change will help creators to increase their monetization potential. Moreover, content creators will not have to monetize these videos manually, as YouTube will automatically enable mid-roll ads on eligible videos. The changes will take effect in late July, YouTube confirmed.

The new change also indicates that users will now see more mid-roll ads on shorter videos, and creators will not make longer videos to hit the ten-minute marker. Ultimately, several videos will now likely be shorter in duration that would otherwise have been ten minutes long.

Google also announced in February that the company plans to start blocking ads being displayed on shorter videos in Chrome. According to Google, this change will take effect from August of this year. The company has designed this new change to match Better Ads Standards’ guidelines. Google will target three different ads that relate to videos that are shorter than eight minutes in length.

It seems that Google is now determining eight minutes as the appropriate minimum length for some specific types of YouTube video ad placement. Coalition for Better Ads conducted a search and specifically determined the eight minutes duration. It was discovered in the survey that certain types of ads including mid-roll ads are specifically disruptive on videos that are shorter than eight minutes in duration.

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