WhatsApp tests a bundle of new features for iOS Beta which include improved Contacts Shortcut, VoiceOver and a new bubble color for the chats

A new beta update has been released by WhatsApp for iPhone which improves the work-in-progress Contacts Shortcut features. The update also brings some VoiceOver improvements and regular bug fixes that exist in the app. WhatsApp chats have also been updated where the bubble color has been changed to a different shade of green.

The changes in WhatsApp for iPhone beta version fundamentally hint us of what is coming in the future. The messaging app which is owned by the tech giant Facebook has been working on the capability of showing contact shortcuts when in the iPhone’s Share Sheet menu for quite a while now. It is important to mention that this feature has popped up in the previous updates as well, but now with the latest beta, more people will be able to see and use it.

WABetaInfo which is famous for tracking WhatsApp features has published a post on the new things that come with the WhatsApp v2.20.80.22 beta for iPhone. Few more users are now able to see contacts in the iOS share sheet after sending a message in a chat with this new update. The tracker also said that the feature should work for users on iOS 13.6 beta version.

This feature also shows small contact bubbles of people or groups that are frequently contacted and are shared things with, whenever a user is trying to share anything using iPhone’s Share Sheet. It is very similar to Facebook’s Messenger’s bubbles. This feature was first spotted in WhatsApp v2.20.70.19 beta for iPhone last month which only a few users could obtain and use. But more users can now use this feature with the latest WhatsApp v2.20.80.22 beta update for iPhone. However, this feature has been available to Android users for a long time now and it is polished and debugged.

WABetaInfo also notes that the latest beta also enables the syncing of WhatsApp contacts shortcut icon in the share sheet of iPhones. The contacts shortcut icons will be frequently updated so that if a contact changes their profile picture, users will see the most updated profile picture in the share sheet of that contact as well.

Another improvement in WhatsApp v2.20.70.22 is its support for VoiceOver, specifically when a user archives and unarchives a chat. The latest beta version also changes the previous green color of the chat bubble with a newer shade of green. The difference may go unnoticed by many users, but a frequent user may be able to identify the difference.

The tracker also adds that the update will apply some general bug fixes which will be also included in the stable WhatsApp v2.20.80 update for iPhone when it is ready.

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