Adobe's New AI Tool Can Recommend Different Headlines and Images To The Varying Audience Of A Blog

Continuing with their legacy of innovation, Adobe has yet again brought a new way to personalize a blog post for different users with the help of artificial intelligence.

Known by the name of Adobe Sensei, the technology will recommend different headlines, images (taken from the library of Adobe Stock), and also preview blurbs based on improving the experience for the targeted audience.

The new tool has come out as a part of the Adobe Sneaks program which employees use to develop their new ideas in the form of proper demos and then showcase what they have made at the Adobe Summit every year. So, while a lot of people consider Sneaks as merely demos, Adobe Experience Cloud Senior Director Steve Hammond disagree by telling that almost 60% of the Sneaks turn out into real products later after the Summit.

Furthermore, Hyman Chung, a senior product manager for Adobe Experience Cloud state that Sneaks, in particular, can be more useful for content creators and content marketers who are already enjoying a great hile in traffic during the coronavirus pandemic and may now be looking for more unique ways to make readers engage more by doing less work.

Chung showed the magic of Experience Cloud with a test blog based on a tourism company. One blog post about traveling to Australia was presented differently to thrill-seekers, frugal travelers, partygoers, and others in the demo. The feature also provides the liberty to writers and editors to make changes in the preview according to the desired audience and even go through the Snippet Quality Score for what Sensei recommends.

Hammond also explained that the demo only illustrates Adobe’s approach to AI as the company majorly focuses on delivering automation in specific user cases with AI rather than going for building bigger platforms. So, in Sensei’s case, AI will not change the content but only how it is promoted on the site.

For privacy matters, Hammond has clearly mentioned that the audience personas are only built on what kind of information the user decides to share with the website or brand.

Featured Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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