Google Swirl Interactive 3D Ads Are Now Available To Video 360 and Display Customers Globally

This week, Google announced that its Swirl 3D ads will now be available to all customers of Display as well as Video 360 across the globe. The company has been testing its Swirl 3D ads in closed beta over the last year.

The Swirl 3D ad format involves banner ads that enable marketers to use interactive 3D product models in their promotions. Google wrote in a blog post that Swirl 3D ad format allows consumers to engage with a specific product like the product is right in front of them.

Consumers can rotate, zoom, and even expand the product in the ad. With Swirl ads, marketers can illustrate changes in behavior, unique product features, new technology performance, and many more. The company described various campaigns that have already been created using the Swirl 3D ad format. Nissan Spain used the Swirl 3D ad format to show off new features of Qashqai SUV. Adidas Latin America also used the format to advertise the Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 shoe.

While the Swirl 3D ads look very amazing, and deliver excellent results, developing complex 3D presentations can also be challenging and requires technical capacity as well as relative investment. Google Web Designer will now also include Swirl templates, and marketers will be able to create Swirl ads using pre-made 3D assets.

Swirl ads can be a great option for advertisers to boost engagement, and brands can maximize brand messaging using this format. As more platforms are moving towards AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) presentation formats, Swirl ad format will provide Google another way to improve its ad offerings.

Moreover, Swirl 3D ad formats do not need to be purely focused on a specific product. Purina also used this format to allow potential consumers to play fetch with a 3D dog model. This ad saw six times more engagement as compared to a standard 2D ad.

The beta program of the Swirl 3D ad format involved brands including Adidas, Nissan, and Belvedere Vodka. Now, the format is available to Display and Video 360 clients across the globe. If you want to create a Swirl campaign, you can upload 3D assets to Google Web Designer. Advertisers can also edit campaign models using Poly. These ads run across Google Ad Manager Inventory, which means that your campaign will get large-scale reach.

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