Twitter is Testing Collaborative Fleet To Give Users More Reasons To Stay on Its Platform

After every platform accepting the need for stories, Twitter comes up with a new feature update, under the name of Fleet. It hasn’t been launched for all users, yet. But it looks like Twitter is planning to bring something new in the market. In simpler words, the fleet is another version of stories. According to a screenshot shared by Amrith Shanbhag, Twitter is planning introduce collaborative fleets. Under collaborative fleets; two merged fleets would be available by two different users. A double bubble would appear indicating that is a collaborate fleet. Once you tap on the fleet, you’ll see a collaborate fleet.

Although very little information regarding fleet update has been shared, hence it is difficult to say what exactly it would be. Still, it would promote sharing stories, interviews, real-time events, conversation, gifs war, and a lot more.

Originally, this story trend began from Snapchat in 2013. Before Snapchat, the feature was used by Instagram, but it gains popularity after Snapchat. Then other social media platforms tried to adapt the trend and they were successful in it. Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn and YouTube are also following the story trend. However, Facebook, Messenger, and Whatsapp don’t offer dual or collaborative stories. Instagram offers a dual story when both users are live together.

The Twitter feature fleet is currently being tested in Brazil. Twitter stated in a blog that the feature Fleet is the same as stories. Like stories, it would also disappear after 24 hours. People who are not comfortable in sharing tweets can use the fleet feature. The feature is for casual sharing. A user can post a quote or a famous saying. It can be used to share a random thought or what’s in your mind.

Twitter is a social network used by many well-known personalities for staying in touch with their followers. This app has almost 166 million daily active users. This platform has been used by almost every age group to share their opinions. It gives a newsroom feel since the opinion shared is very concise and short. Other social media platforms also do the same job but Twitter is specifically known for its micro-blogging nature. Recently Twitter came up with an update to filter unwanted messages, which was a great idea.

The fleet feature is still in testing mode and hasn’t launched out completely. But this seems to be a very interesting step taken by Twitter. People are waiting for this feature to roll out. Of course, it would be fun.

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