Apple Comes Up With A New Idea That Will Replace Your Passport, Driving License And All Other Identification Related Documents

In the era of technology, when everything is being either paperless, Apple comes up with an amazing update that is going to take the technology efficiency to the next level. The tech giant is working on an update that will let iOS users go documents-free (means when enabled you can travel without the need of having license, membership cards, passport, and other identifications). Apple plans to replace everything with its product. While traveling, all you need to carry an Apple iphone, that’s it.

While traveling, at times situation becomes very uncomfortable. It becomes difficult to carry traveling related documents. You need to take care of these documents, and in case if they get misplaced or lost, that’s another troubling situation. Hence it is not a bad idea to carry all these documents electrically through the phone.

However, the main purpose of making passport digital is not only related to traveling. Passport can be used for much other verification. Apple further explained that how can a user securely transfer its data through technical means.

Apple in a patent stated that a biometric system will be implied for the identification. In case if users have already verified their identification (and they also use any other Apple product e.g Watch biometric verification) then they are good to go and don’t need any more verification.

The vice president of Apple shared that they are working to bring hand free ID Cards. They are working on it but unfortunately is been a little difficult for them. Apple has previously issued digital government ID cards with the cooperation of German and British governments.

According to the Apple authorities, the release of this digital passport is not so very far. It can be out at any time. The Apple team is working enthusiastically on the technology.

Apple is counted as an elite class brand. People wish to own Apple products. Apple has a wide range of products including iPhone, mac, iPod, iPad and several more. Apple has often been criticized for being very extortionate but let’s appreciate that the brand is worth it. The company has created a very impactful brand image. They always come up with something, unique, and idiosyncratic. This new update will of course be a new revolution in the tech world. Users are eagerly waiting for the launch and excited to take full advantage of this digital update.

Hat Tip: Appleinsider.

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