What Are The World's Most Visited Websites? - Data Backed Insights!

Have you ever wondered what people surf on the internet or let’s be precise - what exactly are the websites that people around the world visit the most? While many of you might have thought that’s a difficult question to answer with daily internet users already in billion, SimilarWeb has made it possible by listing down the most visited websites based on the total global website traffic each site owns.

The statistics provided by SimilarWeb are till July 2020 and you can also see a section of “Times Per Visit” which basically represents the average time a user has spent on the site. It is measured in minutes and seconds.

The list begins with Google on top, along with its child company YouTube on second. Although YouTube enjoys the highest “Times Per Visit” numbers with an average person spending around 22 minutes on the site but the credit for this mostly goes to the engaging videos that different creators post every day around the world.

Before seeing the results, some of you may even have the opinion that Facebook would be the most visited site in the world, especially considering how everyone is now on Facebook almost but the truth of the matter is that a lot of those people now use the world’s biggest social media site on their phones with the help of the Facebook app.

While other popular social media sites like Twitter and Instagram fall below Facebook in the list, there has been a very surprising entry in the form of sites that offer adult content. Although we have heard how porn is on the rise among the millennial generation but we bet not a lot of us would have imagined such immense domination. Such websites are even more favorite of people than Amazon - which supposedly breaks revenue records every year.

Here is the list of world’s most visited websites below:

Source: Datareportal.

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