Twitter is bringing in a new subscription-based platform which is going by the name ‘Gryphon’

Twitter has confirmed that is has been working on a subscription-based platform codenamed “Gryphon”. It has also posted two job listings for the upcoming platform which also confirms Gryphon’s existence.

The first job description and requirements posted on Twitter’s careers portal says that the social media giant is looking for full-stack engineers to work with its Payments and main Twitter platform. However, all the details about the subscription-based platform remain unclear and are not yet revealed.

The job listing introductions reveals itself as a new team which is codenamed “Gryphon”. The description also reveals that the team is focused on building a subscription platform that can be reused by the others in the future. It also added that such a project is first for Twitter.

Gryphon is described as a team of full-stack engineers who are closely working and collaborating with and the Payments department. The engineers hired will lead the client to work for Subscription and Payment divisions. They will also be hired on the basis of whether they value working together and in collaboration as much as Twitter does so that they can act as a bridge for the engineering team. Officials also said that it is a great opportunity for all teams involved in the project.

The second job position is that of a backend Scala engineer (engineers specializing in Scala programming language), but this position is no longer accepting new applications. It is revealed that the team will be collaborating to rebuild some of Twitter’s services in order to produce a subscription management platform. It is also added that the Payments platform is a cross-organizational collaboration between different teams at Twitter.

After the news about the subscription-based platform broke, shares of Twitter rose by more than 8%. This move can be a way for Twitter to boost its revenues, which currently comes primarily from data licensing and ad sales all over the platform. Estimated at $3.46 billion, Twitter’s revenues increased by 14% year-over-year (YOY) in 2019.

It was detailed by The Verge that Twitter previously considered offering subscriptions as a paid service for power users. Users would have to pay for services like access to new analytics, information about account’s followers’ tweets, and alerts about the latest and breaking news. However, the core service in itself would remain free of cost. At that time, Twitter was considering a $20 per month worth of a subscription fee.

The Verge also noted that Twitter could be working on a completely different project as well, which could be like Twitch (an online site that allows users to watch or broadcast live streaming or pre-recorded video of the broadcaster’s gameplays). Users can also subscribe and pay to the broadcasters for access to exclusive content) competitor, allowing users to subscribe to various accounts for their exclusive content.

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