Microsoft is ready to advance its Android strategy for the development of a more apt hardware system of its own

The Android operating system is becoming more and more essential to Microsoft and they are ready to change from relying on a mobile app and services company and operating on their terms to focusing on developing a hardware system more suited to their needs and wants.

This decision by Microsoft will open up new worlds of possibilities for what they will be able to create and alter their creations however they like.

The reason for this change is Google's new flagship phone, the Surface Duo, and Google's foresight as to how they want to be able to fine-tune the operating system on it.

Microsoft’s previously developed phones like Google Pixel used to run the Chrome operating system which was not liked by the general public and so Microsoft was forced to switch to Android operating systems. Apparently, Microsoft was not satisfied by the limited room for development provided by Android but due to the public demand and the discontinuation of development of the Chrome operating system Google has decided to start developing hardware to create a custom Android system.

The reason for the decision to develop custom Android hardware is that Microsoft wants to release the Surface Duo which will be their flagship phone for the Fall releases. The Surface Duo is Microsoft's first attempt at a foldable mobile device and they want to release it in the market before Samsung unveils the Galaxy Fold 2 and with Samsung planning to unveil it at an event on the 5th of August, Microsoft is rushing to streamline the development for their Android units.

To be able to achieve this, Microsoft has acquired several Movial operations in Taiwan, Romania, and the United States. Movial is a private software engineering company that specializes in Internet-enabled devices in consumer electronics and the telecommunications industry. Movial was already involved with Microsoft in the initial creation of the Surface Duo, which means they are already familiar with what Microsoft wants, and so is the perfect partner for this operation. Microsoft has decided to take this partnership further with some of Movial employees actually joining Microsoft. It has been made clear that Movial will continue to be an independent company and will not completely integrate into Microsoft although Movial has accepted that some parts of the company are involved in a transaction with Microsoft.

Microsoft has said that this involvement is solely to streamline the work and development of the Android systems.

Microsoft is placing big bets on the Surface Duo and since this partnership with Movial is long-term, it is safe to say that Surface Duo 2 will have a more stable and streamlined operating software and Microsoft will look to iron out some kinks in the next generation.

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