TikTok Is Introducing New Customization Options For Video Covers

TikTok has been introducing new updates to make the app better for its users. And now it has been reported that TikTok is introducing new customization options for video covers. This new option will allow for bigger branding possibilities.

The new feature was first spotted by Deven Machette. Machette shared a screenshot on Twitter displaying how the new feature works. She stated in a tweet that new customization options will open up bigger branding opportunities for creators. When you select the new customization effect, it says ‘select your cover and add text.’

However, according to Machette, finding videos on the TikTok app has been difficult for her as a user. She also added that this may also remain an issue for users. It will be interesting to see how content creators on the platform will use this option. The new customization option will surely be useful for creators, and it is expected that the new feature will become popular among users in the future.

With the new update, you can add different covers and text. Select an option from effects such as vector, glitch, tint, and more, and add it to your cover video. And after adding text, you can save changes to your cover videos. The changes are being rolled out and users need to update their TikTok apps to enjoy the new features.

Recently, TikTok also announced unique marketing opportunities for brands. It seems that the company is always working to provide better user experience as well as improving the platform for creators and business.

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