TikTok Is At Risk Due To Bot Accounts, That Are Causing Manipulation In Algorithms

TikTok, a China based short video app has gained huge popularity in a limited period. According to sensor tower, the app has 2 billion downloads since 2018. It has attracted many users. In this app, you’ll see people doing their favorite dance steps on their favorite song, or remaking a movie scene through lip-syncing. The app has received much appreciation. However, it is reported that the app is not fully safe.

The app is at risk because it has been reported that many fake accounts are circulating throughout the platform. A large number of accounts have been circulating fake information and prompting political topics like “Black Live Matters’’. Social media forums like Instagram have eliminated and deleted many fake accounts that were using ghost information.

Ghost Data recently conducted a study to see if TikTok’s efficiency to control the ghost or fake account. According to the results, the TikTok account was easily accessible to bots that will for sure spread false information. TikTok has been suspected of a higher risk of bots. Bots can be regretful for political information.

The core function of TikTok has attracted many users. The feature of adding music with transition, effects, and text convinced many users to download the app and become a frequent user. TikTok users have been actively sharing videos on public topics “Black Live Matters”

Chinese Tech Company ByteDance that is the owner of TikTok, is one of the worthiest companies in the world. Its worth is around $75 billion. However, the company had to face a recession when India announced to ban TikTok for security purposes. India believed that the app has been negatively influencing Indians.

Bot accounts is something that can influence views on the video uploaded. One ghost account can bring 10 million fake views for a sole TikTok video. Not only TikTok but on Instagram, it can get up to 55 million fake views on a single video.

Head of vulnerability research for Check Point, Oded Vanunu said that bots can be very dangerous for social media algorithms. It can manipulate the system and consequences can be worst.

Although modernized technology has made it easy to keep a strict eye on folks, ghost accounts, or bots. But sadly, such accounts are still operating and attempts made until now have not been enough to eliminate the account.

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