This Facebook Feature can Inadvertently Promote the Spread of Misinformation!

“One step forward and two steps back”, this is a path that Facebook seems to be on, it seems. At a time when numerous social media companies including Facebook, are striving to make their platforms free of misinformation and fake news, a new update by the social media king can set things behind big time.

Recently, social media consultant Matt Navarra (who got the tip from Twitter user @mauriceburke) tweeted a screenshot of what you may think of as a normal article shared on Facebook. However, if you observe clearly, it is allowing the user who is sharing the link, to update the destination URL.

Even though it remains unclear whether this feature is being developed strictly for page admins and social media managers, or for everyone. However, giving any user the power to update the destination URL after sharing an article seems quite sketchy.

If it lands in the hands of those with ill intentions, such a feature could give rise to more clickbait, fake news and manipulative articles, which would in turn result in more misinformation being spread.

The feature in question isn’t live now and whether it’s just a simple test that the Facebook team doesn’t plan on releasing, or it’s bound to make its way to users in the near future, that hasn’t been confirmed either.

Some users have also noted that courtesy of a new update, Facebook no longer allows the featured image of an article to be updated once it is shared on its platform. Not allowing publishers to edit the featured image but enabling them to edit the destination URL is pretty strange and hopefully, Facebook soon comes forward with some answers on the same.

Stay tuned for any potential updates in this story.

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