Beware Android Users! Google Has Banned Over 2 Dozen Apps From The Play Store To Protect You From A Serious Facebook Related Threat

Back in June, Google took over 80 apps from its Play Store only because of how the developers were infecting the devices with adware and as a result, the user’s phone was always filled with unwanted ads. But unfortunately, the threat is not over yet as the company has again discovered 25 more malware apps.

The newly spotted apps contain a serious threat, basically what these sinister apps do is steal Facebook users credential details if the they regularly open the account on their phone. This astonishing malware has been discovered by French cyber-security firm Evina and they have also confirmed that the apps offer genuine functionality in return for infecting devices.

As soon as you install one of these software, the hidden code which is usually embedded within the app then sets out to steal personal data in some really nasty ways. The malicious code first gets activated and then waits for when the user opens Facebook app to begin operations.

The malware also has the potential to mimic Facebook and overlay a web browser window, which directs you to a fake login page, as well on top of the Facebook app to distract users on a bigger level. And to top off everything, the fake login page becomes impossible to identify for any normal user due to which they enter they login details usually, which are then sent to the hackers involved later.

Furthermore, according to Lionel Ferri, Evina CTO, this malware cannot even be identified by Facebook because it appears in front as soon as the app opens.

While Google has removed all the 25 apps after confirmation from Evina but if we go by the statistics then most of the apps included in the list have been available for download for more than a year now and the worst fact is that they may together have infected 2.3 million users till date.

Here is a list of the apps that Google has removed from its apps store. In case, if you have any of the apps on your smartphone, it’s about time that you delete them immediately.

Super Wallpapers Flashlight


Wallpaper Level

Contour Level wallpaper

iPlayer & iWallpaper

Video Maker

Color Wallpapers


Powerful Flashlight

Super Bright Flashlight

Super Flashlight

Solitare Game

Accurate scanning of QR code

Classic card game

Junk file cleaning

Synthetic Z

File Manager

Composite Z

Screenshot Capture

Daily Horoscope Wallpapers

Wuxia Reader

Plus Weather

Anime Live Wallpaper

iHealth Step Counter

com.tqyapp.fiction (probably titled: Panda BookHouse)

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