This Infographic Shows The Average Cost Of 1GB Mobile Data In Different Countries

Today, millions of users across the globe use smartphones, and approximately 1 billion additional individuals have gained access to mobile data services in the past 5 years. The cost of mobile data varies greatly from one country to another. A UK-based website Cable has provided the average cost of 1 GB mobile data in 228 different countries.

Researchers identified various key factors that help us to explain the cost variation of mobile data among different countries. Countries with existing infrastructure can offer mobile data plans at cheaper prices, while those with minimal infrastructure are more likely to offer relatively expensive mobile data plans.

Reliance on mobile data, lower data consumption, and the average income of customers, are some of the other key elements that help to explain the cost variation. According to the report, India, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, and Ukraine, are among the top five cheapest countries for mobile data consumption.

India is the cheapest country where you can buy 1 GB of mobile data is only $0.09 which 60% less as compared to India’s average cost last year. Mobile data is cheap in India due to intense market competition driven by Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio offers cheap plans forcing other providers to drop their pricing. However, these prices are usually unsustainable for long periods, the cheaper-than-usual costs in India may end soon.

Kyrgyzstan is worth highlighting where the average cost of 1 GB mobile data is $0.21 despite the country’s minimal infrastructure and massive rural population. The low cost may be due to the country’s significant reliance on mobile data as the users’ primary source of internet.

In comparison, Malawi, Benin, Chad, Yemen, and Botswana, are the most expensive countries for 1 GB mobile data. Four out of these countries are in Sub-Saharan Africa which is worth noting. Lack of infrastructure and market competition in SSA are some of the factors that drive up the average cost of 1 GB mobile data in this region.

It is interesting to note that the highest average cost of 1 GB mobile data is 30,000% more as compared to the cheapest average price of 1 GB mobile. Will the technology gap between different countries across the globe continue to widen? It is also possible that we may reach a point of equal accessibility around the world. As 5G networks are on the rise, it is expected that only 7 countries will be able to make up the majority of investments related to 5G.

This Infographic Shows The Average Cost Of 1GB Mobile Data Around The Globe

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