These are the most (and least) internet friendly cities around the world (infographic)

We live in the technology era with the internet the lifeblood of everything we do. However, have you ever wondered which city is the most internet-friendly? What about the least friendly?

People usually lookout for easy access to internet connections when traveling for either – leisure or travel? Are there any cities that provide travelers with free and immediate access to Wi-Fi Hotspots?

And what about 5G adoption? The fifth-generation of wireless communication technology is anticipated to take the world by storm. However, has it been launched globally?

To answer these questions and more...Business Fibre, an exclusive resource for business, finance, and technology conducted a study of 31 popular destinations around the world. They looked at various aspects of the internet in these cities including the availability of free internet, the cost of internet plans, the adoption rate of 5G technology, and the average download and upload speed.

Here are some of the key findings from their study.

London – the most internet-friendly

London was titled as the most internet-friendly city for holding the highest number of restaurants with free Wi-Fi service at 3,981. It also has the second-highest number of free Wi-Fi spots at 688,126. The city also ranks high for the work it's doing to launch 5G.

Dubai and the internet expense

Surprisingly, Dubai – the land of tourists and expats ranks as the least internet-friendly city in the world. The survey shows that Dubai charges the most for internet data – a whooping £81.09. In fact, the cost is 10 times higher than the figure reported in Mumbai.

In terms of free Wi-Fi, Dubai has 108,479 Wi-Fi hotspots and 1,209 restaurants with free internet availability.

The 5G bandwagon

Seoul, South Korea is leading the 5G train with 83 hotspots. Other cities that are also taking part in implementing the latest technology for its citizens include Los Angeles with 40 hotspots, London with 35, and Miami with 14 5G hotspots.

Asian cities offering fastest download speed

Half of the top 10 cities with the fastest download speed are based in Asia. This includes Singapore with 54.6 Mbps, Tokyo with 45.2, and Bangkok, the city of Thailand with a speed of 37.6 Mbps.

Take a look at the infographic below for more stats covering the internet and the world. As technology continues to advance, we can expect the numbers to change drastically until a new study rolls out. Till then, enjoy these findings, and don’t forget to share your views in the comments section!

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