Study Reveals Marketers Rely Heavily on Video Ads to Drive Downloads

Part of the job of a marketing agency is to make it so that brands are able to find an enormous amount of success. When it comes to apps, marketers tend to focus a lot on driving downloads and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that pretty much the only way that an app or its developer would be able to find any reasonable amount of success would be if the app in question ended up getting downloaded since this is the only way that the company that created the app would end up getting any reasonable amount of revenue in any way, shape or form.

Marketing agencies are well aware of this fact, and a recent study has indicated that they tend to rely heavily on video ads in order to drive downloads. Around 42% of the average app install budget for marketers goes towards video, making this take up the lion’s share of the budget since it is receiving the highest percentage. Display ads end up using the second highest percentage of the budget, getting about 23% of the overall app install budget that marketers have.

Another interesting thing that this study has revealed is that Android is becoming a more popular platform for people to end up investing in because of the fact that 23% of marketers have said that they plan to focus more on Android in the near future. While iPhones have traditionally superseded Android phones in their influence, this is the sort of thing that might be changing in the near future as the number of products people are able to use end up being diversified and as a result of the fact that this is the case marketing agencies are starting to change the way that they do things as well to a large extent.

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