5G Will Be the Fastest New Tech to Reach 1 Billion Users

Whenever a new technology is introduced, the amount of time said technology might take to reach a certain number of users can be a good indicator of how successful it is. Of course, not every new technology ends up becoming the sort of thing that people genuinely want to end up using, and it is important to take into consideration the various ways in which the spread of technology has changed over the years, especially as a new technology is rolled out namely 5G internet.

When debit cards were first introduced, it took them decades to be adopted by a billion people. While this technology might seem ordinary now, when it was first introduced it was quite different and not everyone was willing to use it. The internet took 14 years to reach one billion users, which might seem shocking to some since it now seems to be used be pretty much everybody out there. 3G took 12 years to adopt, but with the advent of 4G it was seen that the rate at which technology was adopted by a billion users got much faster, with 4G being adopted by a billion users in just 4 years.

It seems like 5G is going to end up reaching a billion users in an even shorter period of time, with the time being estimated at 3.5 years. Thanks to the preexisting 4G infrastructure which will be used to disseminate 5G, as well as the relatively affordable price at which it will be available, 5G will probably be the fastest new technology to reach a billion users, although it’s important to note that the rate at which new technology is being adopted faster is reducing due to practical considerations that have to be made. Regardless, the arrival of 5G is sure to change the world.

Source: Statista.

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