Report Reveals Due To Pandemic, Global Apps Earned Over $50 Billion In The First 6 Months Of 2020

Since the lockdown has locked people in their houses, have limited physical source of entertainment. Consumers are now frustrated and annoyed by staying home for so long. In search of entertainment, people started downloading games on their phones. Of course, when there is nothing, the game is the only source of entertainment. Senor Tower reported that the global app has earned over $50 billion in the first half of the year 2020 through downloads. This makes up almost a 23% increase. This is all because of people staying at home and has nothing else to do.

Apart from the global apps, Apple is also on the list as usual. Apple has earned up to $32.8 billion. Apple App Store generated thus the revenue from downloads, in-app purchases, premium apps, and subscriptions. The fascinating part is that this entire surplus is generated within the first half of the year 2020.

Talking about apps individually, Tinder earned the lion’s share at the beginning of 2020 i.e. first half of the year. Tinder earned around $433 million through Google play store and Apple App Store. This is almost 19% of the year 2020. In 2019, the app generated a revenue of $532 million. People staying at homes took it as an entertainment and mind freshener. In April 2020, Tinder updated and made its Passport premium feature free for all other free users.

After Tinder, YouTube stands 2nd on the list. The video platform earned almost $431 million. Another short video sharing app TikTok shared a huge chunk in the earning. It earned up to $421 million, ranking 3rd on the list. However, due to a few reasons, the app has been banned in many countries.

For the first time, Google Play Store defeated Apple’s App Store downloads. Around 71.5 billion downloads were made in the first half of 2020. It counts for almost 26%. On the other hand, Apple’s App Store enjoyed 18.3 billion million downloads. That makes up around 22.8% more downloads as compared to 2019. Last year, in 2019, 14.9 billion downloads were made.

The first time installs from Google Play store made up to 27.3% download which means 53.2 billion downloads. This counts as 3 times more downloads as compared to Apple App Store.

When it comes to top non-gaming app by downloads, TikTok leads the chart in first six month of 2020. While, Facebook-owned Whatsapp Messenger was the second most downloaded app in the non-gaming category.

Game and social media platforms are the sources of fun and entertainment for people during the pandemic. This is the reason why downloads have shown a huge surplus.

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