Google Sheet Comes Up With A New Feature AI-Backed Smart Fill and Smart Clean Up That Will Make The Data Error Free And Consistent

Google comes up with some handy features to facilitate its users. Google sheet is testing an artificial intelligence (AI) based smart fill to ease the annoying job of filling every cell in the sheet. This feature will facilitate the user by auto-filling the cell. The intelligence of the feature will auto-fill the cells. It will learn the pattern and fill each cell. In simple words, this feature helps in auto-filling the data and reduce the work burden from the user.

For instance, a user is willing to create a file that has a full name column in it. As the user will start typing the first name, the software will perceive the pattern. Once the software has learned the pattern, it will initiate a formula and auto-fill the rest of the columns, reducing the work burden on the user. It will make the data consistent and error-free.

Not only this but the smart compose will let the user minimize mistakes and produce even effective content. It will delete the repeated words; reduce spelling errors and grammatical errors. Once you have imported the data, “Data Clean up’ panel pops up. This panel suggests you remove repeated phrases, clear rows, and correct formatting issues.

When you are done with the formatting and correcting you can go through the entire document. Furthermore, the smart features of the sheet highlight the data in such a way that you can come up with a summary in no time. Such as, it will highlight the most repeated value; you can easily analyze the data and jump to the conclusion.

This edition comes with a very smart feature that can detect the natural voice, analyze it, and answers it. For example, you made a sheet regarding students. You can simply ask “Which student has the highest score?” The smart feature will detect the voice, evaluate it and the sheet will answer the question. Isn’t it amazing?

However, currently, G Suite customers cannot experience this new feature. They have to wait for next year.

Two years ago, Google launched the Quick Access tool. It was a machine learning-powered suggestive tool, which users could use for editing sheets, slides, and docs. Latter Google rolled out a new feature of auto-correcting content in Spanish. Before this, the autocorrect was only available in English.

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