Telegram's New Features Might Give WhatsApp a Run for Its Money

WhatsApp has for a long time been the most popular way for people to get in touch with each other, far superseding the once mighty popularity of phone network based SMS. However, with the platform’s acquisition by Facebook a number of people have become concerned about the security implications of using such a platform, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Facebook commits a lot of brazen privacy violations and doesn’t do much to rectify things when it is called out.

Telegram has quickly become a popular alternative, and while in the past the messaging service has only been a minor competitor to WhatsApp it has recently released a slew of new features that WhatsApp doesn’t have. One new feature is the ability to upload a profile video instead of a profile picture. These videos can be enhanced using the built in media editor which is something a lot of people would enjoy.

Telegram has also boosted its social media features by improving “People Nearby”. You will now be able to see how far the people in this section are from your location, and you can use special greeting stickers when you message them for the first time.

Perhaps the most significant new feature that Telegram is now offering is the massive file transfer capabilities that you can now take advantage of. You will now be able to send files as large as 2GB to people over Telegram, and this includes media files as well so you know it’s not just about optics but rather about improving the user experience. This might change the game entirely for data transfers, and people might start using the platform solely for these capabilities since they have a pretty serious impact on how easily you can communicate with people. These are features that WhatsApp doesn’t even come close to offering, and it might entice a lot of people into switching to Telegram.

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