Pandemic Has Increased The Number Of Downloads By 37% And Active Users By 59% On The News Apps And Gaming Apps

Since this pandemic has locked up people in their house, researches claim that they have seen an acceleration in news app downloads and users being active on news platforms. The downloads increased by 37%. The data for this study from January to April has been recorded by Adjust. According to insights users became active by 59% as they need to keep themselves updated with the current situation of the pandemic.

According to insights from US region, the users accelerated to 104% from January to April. No other sector or area has been counted with this rate of increase. Moreover, from January to April the downloads gushed to 53%. The US ascended 69% in daily sessions in regions like Europe, the Middle East, Africa whereas Japan received a rise of 44%.

The real increase in download and active users was seen in March. During this period the lockdown was implemented more strictly than before. People were house arrested. The situation continued till May and then a slight recession was notice. However, in April, the downloads have been uplifted by 13%. In April to May, the US suffered a little recession by 8%

Although this pandemic is giving a tough time in every sector and industry. But the increase in downloads and users is very beneficial to the media industry. Due to the lockdown, there is no or very little revenue generated by the advertisements. However, the news app needs a balance between news and entertainment sections. This is because some people are there for news and updates and few people are there for entertainment news or updates regarding their interests.

According to insights provided by NYT, the news company had to face a 50% to 55% loss last year. The company survived and brought up 587K online subscriptions and earned 5.8 million. The income produced by written news is better than printed ads. This is because well-known platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon has a huge chunk in business share.

According to another recent report, there has been a huge gain of 105% in users and a 70% increase in downloads as compared to last year's records. Gaming apps are also active since people have nothing for their entertainment. In the last week of March game apps usage increased to 132%. The records have fluctuated positively because people have nothing to do at their homes. They are fed up with the boring routine.

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