Microsoft unveils new Web Filtering feature as part of Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft recently unveiled a new feature as part of their existent security platform, Microsoft Defender ATP, which already boasts features for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and automated response. The latest addition to these is Web content filtering. Users can now have access to all these features without any extra licensing or costs; neither do they have to download any extra apps nor install any extra hardware to the system's mainframe. Companies have a lot of different ways to utilize this feature.

Companies or organizations can set boundaries and limitations on the content that their employees or users can access. If a user tries to access blocked or restricted content a pop-up is shown to the user that informs them that the content they are trying to access is restricted.

This feature also gives moderators the ability to implement varied limitations on different sets of users, which means that a Head of Department can set different limitations on the content that can be accessed by managers and will compile all the managers' computers into one set and at the same time will be able to compile all the interns' computers into one set and set different limitations for them. This is a very thoughtful idea by the developers and the attention to detail is impressive, to say the least.

Moderators are also able to access web reports in one centralized location in the software and will be able to view actual blocks that are in place and also view detailed records of web usage.

This software does not only work on Microsoft Edge but is also supported on Chrome and Firefox. This is an essential addition to the software as a majority of users utilize the Chrome web browser. The content blocking experience is provided by Network Protection a web filter that is enabled by default on Chrome.

This is a huge addition to Defender ATP’s already powerful arsenal and will certainly attract more companies to investing in the software and will play a major role in getting companies that are using different protection software to switch Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

The fact that Microsoft is already a major part of the IT business is no secret and they have recently been invested on expanding their horizons to cover almost every part of the IT industry, and due to the experienced staff present at Microsoft, this has been a streamlined and smooth process for the company.

Microsoft is committed to continuously expanding its assets and improving its products by continuously developing the existent apps and features in their software, and providing funding to their upcoming developers and uplifting revolutionary ideas.

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