IGTV Creators Can Now Edit The Preview And Profile Cover While Uploading a Video

Instagram is rolling out new tools to help IGTV content creators to manage how their content appears when their videos are listed in the main feed as well as within the Discover tab. The new options were spotted by Matt Navarra on Twitter.

Navarra explained in his tweet that the new options enable creators to edit the preview of a video as well as the Profile Cover. This indicates that you can now decide how the thumbnail of your video will look like.

Previously, the company also rolled out a set of other new features for IGTV. Back in April of this year, new updates being rolled out to the IGTV app included enabling content creators to share the first fifteen seconds of their IGTV video in Instagram Stories. IGTV creators can add a swipe-up link of the rest of the video to their Instagram Stories. The company also improved the display options within the Discover tab.

With the new options, content creators will be able to edit the preview image as well as a thumbnail for their IGTV videos. Two new options have been added - Edit preview and Edit profile cover. Navarra shared a screenshot on Twitter displaying how the new options appear, and the screenshot was originally posted by Sumeet Rajpal.

The new changes are relatively small, however, these options might play a significant role in enabling content creators to maximize their content engagement. These options will be beneficial for creators and will allow creators to build their presence within the IGTV app. The company is also rolling out IGTV monetization, and increased content engagement will enable creators to maximize their revenue from the app.

IGTV monetization is a significant step for the company, and if more content creators are able to generate a significant amount of money from their IGTV efforts, that will provide them an extra reason to focus on consistently posting on the IGTV app. These options are needed to help content creators maximize their efforts on the platform.

In the screenshot shared by Navarra, it is visible that the company has also added an option to enable content creators to cross-post to Facebook Watch. The feature will be beneficial for boosting potential exposure for creators’ uploads. However, it still remains to be seen whether Facebook Watch or IGTV will ever be able to provide any real competition to Google-owned YouTube.

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