Instagram (Just Like Facebook) Might Start Giving You More Control Over What Ads You See

Instagram as well as virtually every single other social media platform out there tends to rely quite heavily on advertising in order to sustain its business model to a large extent. While there are a lot of different factors that are associated with this sort of business model, one thing that should be kept in mind is that a lot of people end up seeing ads that they don’t really like. Not only is this counterproductive because of the fact that the people seeing these ads won’t be interested in what’s being advertised in the first place, but another thing to bear in mind is that they might be offended or triggered by certain ads and this is something that a lot of social media platforms are starting to become a lot more aware of at the end of the day.

As spotted by Matt Navarra and Quokka Media, Instagram is changing its ad settings so that you can choose selected topics that you don’t want to see ads associated with anymore. Alcohol, parenting and pets are some of the topics that you can choose to not see ads for. While you will still see quite a few ads related to these topics, the number will be far lower than if you don’t choose these options which makes them highly useful for people who are not interested in these topics or might be offended or triggered by them.

Facebook has been working on giving users more control over the ads they see for quite some time now, and this new ad control policy for Instagram is something that a lot of users have already seen on Facebook itself although it’s a lot more difficult to access there. Users have been complaining about the fact that they are seeing irrelevant or offensive ads for a long time and Facebook had to buckle sooner or later lest it start to become a less than popular option for a lot of users out there.

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