Google Photos Will No Longer Create An Automatic Backup Of Social Media Folders

Google Photos has always been one of the favorites mostly because of the convenience it provides and the space it offers. However, the new changes might affect the platform’s reputation just a bit as according to the recent news coming from Google’s headquarters, Google Photos will no longer create automatic backups of images and videos that are a part of folders created by social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Google has turned off the feature to let people save their internet resources (e.g cloud space in this case) because people have been sharing more pictures and videos throughout the COVID-19 pandemic period. Still, users will have the option of turning auto-sync on for selected apps or also run manual backups of selected folders, but the feature won’t remain available as default with immediate effect.

Previously Google’s photo backup platform used to store all images and videos stored on any Android or iOS device - even the ones which were saved in folders made by social media apps present on the phone. If you have been relying too much on this automation and you think you have important data stored on Google Photo because of this then you don’t have to worry much as the Photos backed up and organized as a part of social media app folders will remain unaffected with the change. Users can go to individual folders in the Google Photos app and turn on the “back up & sync” feature if they really want to.

While Google has also provided a handy guide to re-enable the feature as per your choice, removing the auto-sync part for social media folders will only create more mess for users who love storing memes, pictures of a family event or generic pictures coming from platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp or even Snapchat.

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