Almost 8 in 10 of employees do not post what they want on social media due to fear of judgment by colleagues

It is a challenge for employees to keep their professional and personal lives, as most of the workplace is connected online. Conflicted feelings are common as people can't post what they want online as they are afraid that they will be subject to judgment by their colleagues.

People’s opinions about the workplace have changed during the lockdown and they are more critical of work processes and how they are able to collaborate over social networks.

Igloo Software, has discovered data on how employees feel about the use of social media when it comes to being connected to their colleagues and how it impacts what they post.

Igloo polled over two thousand employees in organizations and over five thousand staff across industry sectors ranging from entry-level employees to C-suite roles.

The Coronavirus lockdown has forced people all over the world to stay at home and adapt to this unique lifestyle. However, the polls showed that one in every three employees, which means thirty-three percent, did not work from home at all and almost one in twelve employees, which amounts to 8 percent of all employees, work from home full time.

However, most workers, eighty-two percent, want to return to an office-based workplace rather than work remotely as most, seventy-nine percent, have experienced difficulties that in-office workers did not experience.

These problems ranged from not being informed about policy changes to not being able to attend meetings or being left out of discussions, meetings, and brainstorms. These processes are vital for an employee to give their best and increase their chances of being promoted and gaining success. Others experienced different difficulties like not being able to access important files, people, or groups due to technical issues. While others complained that the deprivation with their colleagues affected their working potential.

Another major reason is that most offices were not prepared for this type of situation and their facilities are not equipped for online working so most offices have compromised and cut corners and this has provided employees with less than optimal working conditions increasing the feelings of frustration and this has deteriorated their motivation to give their best effort which is detrimental to, not only the office but also, to the employees own record.

Almost 8 in 10 (or 78 percent to be exact) of surveyed employees, have decided to not post something for fear of being judged by their colleagues.

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