Google Chrome Comes Up With A (Kind Of) Biometric Verification For Its Users, That Will Let The Users AutoFill Their Details While Making Purchases

Google takes care of the security of its users by using biometric authentication when a user purchases a game or an app from the Google Play store. This is done for security purposes. Now, Google is working on a method to bring the clone function to Chrome for Android users well.

A flag for this feature is present in the updated Developer, Canary, Stable and Beta versions of Chrome. After enabling the flag, the user will be notified when they will attempt to auto-fill their debit or credit card details.

To enable system authentication, you need to go to chrome://flags/#enable-autofill-credit-card-authentication flag and enable it. When enabled, you’ll need to click on Payment methods from settings. Then you’ll see a dialogue box stating the purpose of the screen lock. It will state that you can use a screen lock to confirm cards efficiently. When you click on the checkbox enabling you to use a screen lock to confirm card quickly, you need to enter your CVV once more.

The update should facilitate users to verify themselves on their cellphone devices. As the option itself claims "screen lock” instead of “biometric unlocks". This update is done to give a better prevailing experience to its users. No updates for Chrome OS, macOS have been noticed up till now. Maybe for OS users updates are still in process, as even after enabling the flag option, no UI changes were noticed.

However, currently, it is difficult to state that will Google launch biometric verification for auto-fill purposes or not. However, the flag and few credentials of UI tend to appear and are functional, it seems like the launch of this auto-fill will be out till the end of 2020.

Google has been working to give a better experience to its user. Before this, Google launched an auto-fill option in G-sheets. It was a smart and efficient update to use. A user could autofill the cell through the installed intelligence in the software, or the software could detect through audio that what a user is looking for. For instance, you filled up the cells, now you want to know who scored the highest in the test. You can say it and the software would automatically detect it and show results.

Hat Tip: Androidpolice.

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