Google Chrome 86 Will Reduce Battery Drainage By 28%, That Is A Rough Translation Of 2 Hours By Killing Unnecessary JavaScript Trackers

Google Chrome has been always criticized for the draining system’s battery. This is extremely common when multiple tabs are being operated. However a few days back Google decided to launch Chrome 86. In this new update, Google Chrome is willing to fix the issue. It will reduce battery drainage by killing non-essential JavaScript timers and trackers running in the background, hence it will result in less battery drainage. The less battery drainage will increase the system usage by 2 hours (i.e. 28%)

TheWindowsClub stated that this new feature will reduce the Javascript wake-up timer to 1 minute. Before this, Chrome kept a strict check on background tabs activities that were not even in use. Activities like report logs, scrolling position, or interaction with ads was a major reason for battery drainage. Hence, in this new Chrome 86, things will not work like this. The reduction in the Javascript wake-up timer will eventually increase the battery time to 2 hours. The two hours are around 28% of the battery. Hence you can save some extra laptop charging.

In an experiment, it was noted that the battery life still managed to increase by 28% even when 36 random background tabs and a blank foreground tab was running. This experiment was done twice and both times, the results were the same.

Google did another examination to see the battery time. This time, instead of running a black tab in the background, Google played a YouTube video in full-screen mode and switched off the ‘Energy Saver’ and “Auto brightness” settings from the display settings. As a result, they noticed an increase of 13%, which is roughly a translation of 36 minutes.

Google uses 5 minutes of the polling interval. This is because keeping a short time for intervals like the Safari browser keeps a 1-minute interval, can results in bugs and other issues. Hence Google browser prefers it keeping for 5 minutes.

The updated Google Chrome version 86 hasn’t been launched yet. It would be available to all devices including mobile and desktop in the near future. It is designed to work with all operating systems, including, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Mac, and Linux.

A user will still have an option to disable the new update on a computer or laptop. This new update will be trouble-free once it has been updated. Chrome users are eagerly waiting for the new update, let’s see when it arrives.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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