Google Has Started To Roll Out The Redesigned News Tab For Desktop Users

Google has been testing out new interface for search, and now the company is rolling out the redesigned News tab for desktop users. Google News Initiative (GNI) team originally announced the change back in July of 2019. Although the GNI team promised to introduce the layout within a couple of week but it took them almost a year to fully roll out the update. The new layout offers a clear separation (aka Cards Material Design) between search results, and a few other changes have also been made to the News tab to enhance user experience.

It seems that the company has started to roll out the updated News tab for more users (both signed-in and logged-out Google users on desktop devices), while a lot of people are already using it.

The most significant change being made to the News tab is that now search results in the News tab will appear in separate box with a lot of space in between enhancing the visibility of a separate listing.

Previously, the name of the publisher used to appear below the title of the news. However, Google has now shifted it and now it will appear on top of a search result. Underneath the name of the publishing website of a story, you will see the title of the news and after it the description.

Moreover, the time at which a piece of news was published used to appear next to the name of the publisher, now Google has moved it at below the description of the news. Overall, the redesigned News tab makes the name of publishers more prominent and organizes news articles in a more clear way to allow users to find the required news more quickly.

As now Google displays search results in boxes in the News tab, you may also note that some users have also reported that they are seeing boxed in related searches at the end of the search results page. It seems that the company is also testing out boxes for related searches section. However, Google has not yet confirmed this test.

Another change being made to the News tab in desktop search is that the thumbnails have also been shifted. Previously, Google displayed thumbnails on the left side of the search results page. Now, the company has moved them to the right side of the Google Search results page in the News tab on desktop search.

As a lot of users were fond of using the old design of the News tab in the desktop search, it might take some time for users to get used to the new layout. I cannot still replicate the redesigned News tab in desktop search which indicates that Google is gradually rolling out the new changes to all users. You may get the new updates in the upcoming few weeks.

New Layout:

Old Interface:

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