Facebook Collaborates With Fact-Checking Platform To Help Users Detect Fake Information Being Shared On Social Media

The American based social network, Facebook has decided to join hands with UK based website Full Fact in order to spot false news being circulated. This is for Europe, Africa and the Middle East users.

Right now it is an alarming situation for Facebook due to the circulation of fake information. Users have been publishing untrue information which is causing harm to the people worldwide. Since this lethal disease coronavirus has out broken down, the circulation of harmful information has become even more common. Some fake information has also resulted in the deaths of people. Although Facebook is a platform where people are supposed to share information and socialize. But passing on false information is now being health hazardous.

For this purpose, Facebook has collaborated with Full Fact - an organization run by a team who stand against fake information. There has been much tittle-tattle between the users. However, WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted and it is difficult to keep a track of what’s been discussed on chats. However, Facebook is a public site. Things posted on Facebook are usually public. Hence the Full Fact researchers can keep an eagle eye on rumors and false information.

Not only Facebook but other social media platforms also have their policies to defend fake information. Like YouTube and Twitter pull down the posts that are humiliating or spreading fake information. Twitter adds a flag to such information. This demotivates other people not to get involved in this activity. Facebook also has its policy to highlight posts that are violating their rules and policies.

For this reason, a new website and campaign has been introduced as a part of Facebook's mission against fake news. This campaign will guide users on how to spot misinformation, by asking 3 important questions "what, where and how" before sharing anything on social media.

Facebook stated that it is working to remove posts that are delivering false news regarding any issue. It has removed an indefinite number of posts which promotes any fake information. In line with this, Facebook also introduced a feature that will notify users if they share an old article. This will prevent the user from sharing any outdated posts causing harm.

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