Facebook Highlights Data-Backed Best Practices On How Marketers Can Boost Engagement On Its Platform

The social media giant, Facebook, has recently published a bunch of best practices on how marketers can boost engagement with their brand messaging. The Creative Research team of Facebook investigated which creative approaches tend to be successful on the platform in terms of engaging consumers. The company published a new video exploring how seemingly small considerations such as phrasing a title can have a huge difference.

Facebook stated that its research team has discovered that, often, it’s the little things that matter. According to the social media giant’s research team, this is specifically true in the competitive landscape, as marketers seek to tailor their approaches to connect with customers across a wide range of formats as well as platforms.

Although the company published its findings in a video, we will be looking at the key lessons in text format here. These tips are worth noting if you are interested in learning effective ways to enhance the creative of your Facebook campaigns. The research team explored its learning in three different areas including text, timing, and format. They provided actionable guidance on topics like whether to display video overlays and captions or not, when it is the right time to incorporate branding and messaging and how you can structure mixed-format assets.

The insights published by the company can shed some light on common marketing queries such as how you can increase view duration or how advertisers can receive higher ad recall. According to Facebook, you can increase your view duration by an average of around 12 percent by adding captions to video ads, as a decent number of users consume videos without music on.

You should also look into asking questions in your text copy as the Creative Research team suggests that it is associated with a higher conversation lift. Advertisers are recommended to experiment with new ways to make their text copy more engaging for the audience.

The team also suggests that advertisers need to maintain a focal point to provide extra context or highlight key features. Text overlays provide varying results, so it is better to test which methods work best for your creative. Highlighting your brand early as well as clearly can also help you a lot. Facebook further explained that brand association in the first 3 seconds positively correlated to conversion lift. According to lab tests, ads that deliver their messages within the initial 5 seconds result in significantly higher ad recall lift.

The team also found that Facebook campaigns with mixed-formats assets drive improved performance metrics with nearly 86 percent confidence. You can try telling your story via multiple formats to capture the attention of the audience and drive conversations. Using the recommended aspect ratio in the News Feed, and allowing CTA (call to action) button to appear on the screen will enable you to achieve higher direct response results.

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