UGC Content on Instagram Is More Effective At Driving Purchases As Compared To Twitter and YouTube

Recently, Visual Objects published a report on content trends. Aerie, Starbucks, and Netflix are among those brands that see varying customer reactions to UGC (user-generated content) or branded content on social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook-owned Instagram. According to the report, users are more likely to prefer UGC on Instagram as compared to Twitter or YouTube. In comparison, consumers are less driven to make a purchase from UGC on YouTube, and people find branded content on Twitter more authentic.

When respondents to the survey were displayed examples of user-generated content and branded content, their reactions varied by brand and social media platform. The survey discovered that 61% of consumers think that UGC about Starbucks is likely to influence them in making a purchase, while 39% said that branded content about Starbucks is more influential.

68% of consumers stated that Netflix’s original tweet about the show ‘Selling Sunset’ was more likely to influence them in purchasing as consumers tend to find branded content on Twitter more authentic. In comparison, only 32% said the same about the user-generated content tweet that Netflix shared on Twitter.

The survey suggests that these varying customer preferences for UGC or branded content on social platforms can impact the advertising strategies for retailers as well as brands. The finding that Instagram is a better platform for user-generated content such as reviews, product demonstrations, and social media hashtags, as compared to YouTube or Twitter at driving purchases has implications for mobile advertisers seeking to reach customers during the pandemic.

Swiping through photos of friends and family members on Instagram is how several people pass their idle time during the coronavirus lockdowns. It is easy for users to swipe or scroll past sponsored posts that brands pay hefty sums to generate and promote on social media platforms. This is the reason why several companies are getting consumers to do advertising for them using UGC.

Advertisers can identify which accounts post content related to products, or search for hashtags to find users talking about a particular brand. According to Visual Objects, UGC also saves money for advertisers facing budget cuts during the pandemic. Businesses are recommended to make their Instagram content as authentic as possible to be more effective. 60% of respondents stated that they were more likely to purchase from a user-generated picture on Aerie’s Instagram accounts as compared to its branded content.

Customers prefer branded content on YouTube for product demonstrations rather than ‘unboxing’ clips that an individual unwrapping a product. 71% of consumers stated that they prefer a branded video from FabFitFun, a subscription box service. In comparison, only 28% think that a user-generated video would influence them to purchase a product.

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