Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp Have Been Decided To Work Together

Two most used social media platforms are soon going to be integrated for making communication better and easier. It has been reported that Facebook is currently working to combine Facebook Messenger with the most common chatting app Whatsapp. The interoperability of Messenger, with Whatsapp, is under-development to give a better and convenient communication experience to the users. There are some important aspects regarding the security and privacy that the platform needs to look after as well. Of course, data encryption and user privacy are the essentials of every platform.

According to WABetaInfo and Alessandro Paluzzi, Facebook is planning to integrate WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This mixed communication means will give ease to communication. Few important aspects have been noticed like Facebook is working on some codes that will help the social media giant in knowing if a user has already blocked a contact on WhatsApp. It will also help in keeping a check on push notifications and other chat details.

Facebook Messenger will have the access to the user’s WhatsApp. It will be able to see if a specific Facebook Messenger user is using WhatsApp or not. It will also have access to the phone number, see if the chat is an archive or not, and some other essential details. Moreover Facebook will also be able to see if the particular user in specific WhatsApp group or not. This all will be possible through a code, which Facebook is designing.

Currently, the code hasn’t been fully prepared and it is still in process. According to WABetaInfo, it has suspected that Facebook might give a signal to its users for encrypting and decrypting messages. There is little confusion regarding the update. No one knows that if Facebook developers let the users to disable the feature or not. Let’s see where it takes the platform.

Facebook and WhatsApp are widely used platforms for communication. The integration of both apps can take the platform to new heights of success. However, there is a higher risk too. This is because user privacy is very important. If the platform won’t be able to maintain it, then it can be a danger to its reputation. WhatsApp has been already owned by Facebook. Maybe this is another step by the platform.

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