What Do Parents Think About Their Child's Tech Usage? Stats Prove

Today we are living in an era that right after a few days of birth, even the smallest of babies get hooked to the mobile screens. Kids are growing with what’s on the similar mobile screens and it indeed is becoming a matter of worry for all the parents who seriously want to know what their children are up to on phones, tablets, or computers.

In order to shed light on this curiosity, Porch conducted a survey based on 1,001 parents who shared their opinions regarding the budding relationship of children with tech and what are they currently doing to monitor the activities of their kids.

In results, a more obvious fact came up pretty quickly and that is 38% said that they always monitor what’s on the screen, while 35.3% check that they check “very often”. Another interesting revelation was made when 74.1% claimed that they monitor their children equally and irrespective of their gender and 59.4% came out saying that yes double standards exist between boys and girls.

When parents were asked about the devices their kids use the most, 75.2% voted for smartphones and 74.4% sided with tablets. There was also an additional 63% who said their kids are busy on some kind of gaming system, 61.6% with laptops and 50% loved watching the smart TV. Right on the bottom were desktop computers with 39.5% and smartwatches with 14.1%.

Furthermore, most parents also told that their child started using tech devices right after turning 5 ( which is the average age in the category). Generally it took 10 years for a kid to move towards using smartphones, gaming systems, smart TVs, and smartwatches like a pro. Tablets captured the attention of 9 years old more and desktop PC users had an average age of 11 years. The suggested age for phones turned out to be 12-15 years.

When screen time was discussed (which obviously had to be high because of COVID-19) 83.3% of parents said that they are always very conscious about the amount time their kid spend with tech devices. 58.9% stood satisfied with the amount of time their kid spends in front of the screen and only 38.6% were blunt enough to say that their kids spend too much time with these tech devices.

One out of three parents also admitted that they have warned their children multiple times about taking the WiFi away.

Internet & Social Media

A whopping 81.1% parents said that they keep an eye on what their child searches for on the internet and there were also 68.6% parents who chose to trust their children. One in three parents were also worried about the kind of content that is now available on the internet and especially social media.

45.1% of parents had their kids use one social media platform but their kids were mostly 13 years old. The only concern for them has been social media influencers as 63.6% of parents say they create a negative impact while only 11% were okay with the existence of influencers.

The obsession of monitoring doesn’t stop at internet only. 60.9% parents monitor their child’s text messages because out of them 63.7% are worried about the usage of inappropriate language and 33.5% have also spotted age-inappropriate content. 82% parents took the action by taking the phone away from their child and one in three parents also became more extreme in removing a number from their child’s phone.

52.4% are also using location tracking for monitoring the footsteps even.

Looking at the stats one can definitely conclude that parents are after kids more than ever.

Kids With Tech: Exploring how parents monitor their children's devices.

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