Facebook Previewed The Thinnest Virtual Reality Headset Introduced Till Now

Facebook along with its Oculus team, has been working to produce a streamlined VR technology. Now, the company claims that they have demonstrated the thinnest VR headset to date. This headset is a pair of VR sunglasses that are easy to wear. However, they are only a proof-of-concept device.

It uses flat holographic films for the optics and the display is less than 0.35 inches thick. The company has combined two techniques to decrease the overall size as well as the weight of the VR display. The holographic optics and optical folding based on polarization are the two techniques that can be used. A simple refractive lens is used in most VR displays, which is composed of a curved and thick piece of plastic or glass.

You may have seen holographic images that seem like 3D with realistic depth. The holographic optics in this VR display are a recording of the interaction of laser light with various objects. However, in this case, the object is a lens instead of a 3D scene. The holographic optic bends light in this VR display like a lens, however, it looks thin, and transparent sticker.

According to Facebook Reality Labs, the company’s current prototype outputs in monochrome. However, the company’s Reality Labs hope to deliver a wider color range with enhanced imagery. The company is working to add a wide color range and Facebook’s Reality Labs hopes to deliver this one day.

The company’s Reality Labs also explained that they identify the current limitations of their proposed VR display prototype in their technical paper. They also discussed the future areas of research that will help them to make the approach more practical. This new prototype is a significant achievement for the company is this space.

Facebook’s Reality Labs hopes to enhance the resolution to the ‘limit of vision of a human.’ This may ultimately lead to Virtual Reality glasses people will be able to wear for longer periods. Currently, their work is pure research, but they expect that they will be able to develop a light-weight, comfortable, and easy-to-use VR technology that also offers high performance. The company’s Reality Labs also said that they are excited to see what the future holds for them in this area.

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