Revolts and Boycotts of Facebook advertisers as there has been a noticeable trust deficit

Facebook has been facing a lack of trust among advertisers over false and misleading information and hate speech taking place on the platform.

Neil Potts, the head of trust and safety of Facebook attended a call with nearly 200 advertisers recently. On the call which was held by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada, he was questioned about why the companies should put their brand’s reputation at stake by advertising on Facebook. To this Neil, responded by agreeing to the fact that there was indeed a trust deficit between the two parties and that when a conversation is held and people share different opinions, it is most likely the reason for the “trust deficit” to grow stronger.

These remarks made by Potts’ were first highlighted by Financial Times. These remarks and the call held by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada, give clear signs that Facebook’s directorship has started struggling because of the huge amount of pressure that it is facing by the Advertisers campaign.

When Facebook’s spokesperson Andy Stone was asked about the comment made by Neil Potts on the call, He stated that it was rather usual for them to have discussions with the advertisers and talk about issues and problems they are facing as well as policy matters. He said that this was something they do ordinarily and will continue doing so.

The civil rights groups arranged boycotts, which started recently this month to bring attention to Facebook’s lack of activity about the controversial posts which were made by President Donald Trump, as well as the comment made amid a protest which started that the looting would soon turn into a shooting. Lately, big brands such as Ben and Jerry’s and Patagonia and Magnolia Pictures have declared that they have plans to remove their ads from both Facebook and Instagram.

Along with companies removing their ads, Facebook is also facing a revolt from its employees and politicians about its inactivity on President Trump’s posts. However, the rising advertiser revolt is a bigger threat to Facebook because a huge amount of money on Facebook’s annual revenue, which is roughly $70 billion, is contributed by these advertisers.

Nevertheless, Potts has also said that the platform is working to bring the advertisers to trust them more and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg also stepped in and promised to review all the things which took part in the rising boycotts.

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