Twitter sets a new record, reached one billion installs on Google Play Store

One of Twitter's latest achievements is that it has exceeded over a billion installs in Google Play Store alone. There are almost 25 other apps that have also joined the billion-install club till now. Many of them are owned by Google including, Google Maps, Google Search, etc. Other apps are mostly owned by Facebook, Microsoft, and Samsung. The first-ever app to reach this milestone was Google Play Services in January of 2014. In 2019, the apps that hit this number were OneDrive, Microsoft Word, and Excel on Android.

The number of Installs of an app is only counted once on each device. This means that even if we uninstall an app and later install it again, it would only count as 1 install because the device was the same. So that means that over a billion devices have Twitter installed on them, which seems absurd but at the same time, it is understandable because the average person changes their phones every 3 years.

One of the biggest reasons why Twitter had a sudden gain of Installs was it being one of the biggest news source platforms about the recent protests taking place for George Floyd and the whole BLM movement as well as for the COVID-19 pandemic. Twitter has set a new record by gaining a million downloads in one day. Even after a day or two, its number of downloads had stayed near a million. On June 3rd it was noticed by another app that Twitter had almost 140,000 installs just from the United States which is the second-highest most installed number in the US. During the first quarter of 2020, there have been almost 33 million active users on Twitter in the US alone.

Twitter has been a part of the third-party developer ecosystem, which are the direct and indirect relationships between companies and the third-parties. This is one of the reasons why Twitter gained its Installs at a much slower pace. In 2018 However, Twitter claimed that the changes made to their APIs which were supplying third-party apps pointless. API or Application Programming Interface is an interface that defines interactions between two applications. Due to this many users started using the official application which was not desired that much before. The official Twitter application had much better third-party customers on the Play Store.

Twitter has started updating its apps and has introduced PWA for its users, a few years back. PWA or Progressive Web Application is a web page that behaves like it as a mobile application. This frees the user from going to the app store and purchasing and downloading the application. Many new users have been attracted to Twitter because of PWA being introduced.

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