YouTube Is Introducing Live Alerts For Merch, and Updates About YouTube Giving Feature As Well As Alternative Monetization Insights

On Tuesday, Creator Insider published a video talking about the New Studio Report, Live Alerts for Merch, and much more. YouTube has merged two existing monthly insights related to revenue performance and subscriber’s performance in a new report in Studio. A new analysis of views has also been included. You will see a monthly bar chart displaying the performance of the last thirteen months. It will help you to quickly analyze your monthly performance and you will also be able to identify potential seasonal trends. You can find the new tool in YouTube Analytics present in your channel overview.

Creator Insider's host Tom Leung also talked about a new feature that YouTube will introduce fairly soon. The company is planning to enable Live Alerts for Merch very soon. Live Alerts for Merch will enable YouTube content creators who are using tee spring will see alerts in their live chats if a viewer buys a product from their store. These alerts are also visible to other viewers which means that if a content creator is hosting a live stream and uses YouTube merch, whenever any user will buy a tee-shirt, everyone else in the chat will be able to view it. Your YouTube merch should also be connected to the tee spring. The new feature will help creators drive more awareness as well as sales.

Moreover, YouTube in its efforts to support the coronavirus relief has also expanded the availability of the YouTube Giving feature. The company has now enabled around 40,000 YouTube content creators across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In fact, the new tool will allow campaign organizers to link to their fundraisers directly. It will allow others to join and add it to their own videos on YouTube. and YouTube are matching 2 dollars for each one dollar donated up to five million dollars if someone participates in the coronavirus solidarity response fund for the World Health Organization. This campaign is hosted by the United Nations foundation channel and this fundraiser has successfully raised around 1.8 million dollars. If we add and YouTube’s matching, the amount would be 5.3 million dollars.

If you are a person who uses YouTube’s paid digital goods such as super chat, super stickers, merch programs, or channel memberships, we have an update for you as well. It has been seen that more and more YouTube channels are generating extra money via these monetization programs. It has been reported that more than 80,000 YouTube channels have generated money by using these paid digital products during the past 28 days. This displays a 20% increase since March and more than 40% increase since January of this year. You should also note that around two million viewers have bought their favorite first super sticker, super chat, or YouTube membership since the beginning of March 2020.

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