Monthly Market Share Report Reveals Microsoft Windows Has Reclaimed Lost Ground

The market share report for May 2020 has revealed the Microsoft Windows has managed to recover from the slight dip in market share that it had previously been suffering from. The drop from 57.34% to 56% is actually quite significant when you also factor in the steady decline that Windows 7 has been experiencing, an OS that is Microsoft’s 2nd most popular offering. This seemed to indicate that users were beginning to go elsewhere in order to make it so that they would be able to use their computers as far as operating systems were concerned.

However, the market share for Windows 10 has gone back up to 57.83%, something that seems to indicate that the operating system is now even more popular than it was a couple of months ago. If you combine the share that Windows 10 and 7 have of the market you would begin to understand the sheer dominance that Microsoft holds in this particular area, but the fact of the matter is that Apple has managed to keep things quite steady for quite some time now with its market share of just under 10% staying quite consistent over a long period of time.

Linux is seeing a pretty significant boost in its market share, with about 3.17% of users using Linux based operating systems which is about double the numbers that we were seeing in March. This kind of growth means that the average user might just be a lot more amenable to the kind of alternative browsers that are out there, many of which have made a name for themselves as being adequate alternatives to big browsers such as Windows. Linux is always considered to be the best decentralized option and an increasingly tech savvy audience is definitely going to keep adopting it more and more often as time goes by.

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