Pinterest Takes Steps to Promote Message of Diversity and Social Justice

The situation in America is worsening after three police officers have been arrested and are facing charges for the use of excessive force and subsequent killing of a black man. This is having a widespread effect on society and it is also making it so that the tech industry is being impacted as well in ways that you might not have thought to be all that possible before. A lot of social media platforms are starting to put forward a message of social justice and are trying to make it so that these messages gain traction on their platform.

Pinterest is no different as it seems that the social media platform is looking into trying to boost content that would raise awareness for these issues. Resources that would help parents explain the situation to their kids are also being shared widely, and the fact of the matter is that organizations that can help in this regard are also being promoted so that the average user can end up donating to them. All of this is being done so that a certain level of awareness can be obtained when it comes to the problems that this country might be currently facing.

According to a blog post published by Ben Silbermann, Pinterest will also be removing advertising on search results for the query “black lives matter” so as not to draw attention away from this very important subject matter. This is something that will help retain the focus of users on the matter at hand, and it certainly shows that Pinterest is attempting to put profits before money in a way that is really admirable and can serve to be a real breath of fresh air if you think about the manner in which it might impact the industry as well as the various people that tend to end up using Pinterest on a regular basis.

Image credit: Bloomberg | Getty Images

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