New Data From Canalys Predicts, Worldwide PC Sales Will Drop 7 Percent This Year

The new set of data provided by Canalys, a leading global technology market analyst firm, projects a 7% decrease in worldwide PC shipments. The drop is one of the countless impacts of lockdowns being imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Canalys noted that the direct effects of coronavirus are mostly behind the PC industry because of the rebounding of China’s supply chain.

Moreover, it is expected that the global recession caused due to Covid-19  will continue to have a notable impact on the PC industry (including desktop, notebook and tablets). In simple words, currently people do not have enough money to buy upgraded devices which are resulting in decreased PC sales across the globe.

It is expected that vertical will take a 6% hit in North America. This because forty million unemployment claims have already been filed by the United States citizens since the coronavirus pandemic started to spread across the world. According to Canalys, a complete recovery is not expected until the end of this year when Canalys expects the category to grow by 4% as compared to the prior year. However, this data is based on estimates, and a lot of things can change in two years, especially at the rate the world is going.

It is expected that China and the broader Asia Pacific region will recover in less time as they experienced small declines during the coronavirus pandemic. China and the broader Asia Pacific region were at the front of the first wave of the pandemic and these regions will recover in a short time because of the effective management of the Covid-19 crisis.

You may also note that the PC industry was not as hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic as the mobile phone industry. PC manufacturers were able to slow the slide during the pandemic as customers and businesses purchased PC equipment to upgrade their home office setups. The coronavirus lockdowns forced the people to start working from home for their respective organizations, and many people did not have the required equipment to work remotely for their organizations. Moreover, companies had to upgrade their PCs to meet the requirements of the ongoing situation. This ultimately helped the PC industry to face the situations caused due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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