The Top 5 Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

LinkedIn's Sales Navigator offers users the chance to find leads in the platform's network of professionals. With over 675 million users worldwide in 2020, this presents a tremendous opportunity.

However, many users leave a great deal of Sales Navigator's potential untapped. There is a rich host of features to be harnessed - from integrating CRM systems to performing advanced searches - that only few users exploit completely.

Here are the top 5 strategies to make the most of LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. And find the perfect leads for your business.

1 - Use Advanced Searches

Sales Navigator offers options for specifying a massive number of parameters, going far beyond the job titles of the leads you’re looking for.

Users can include factors such as geographic location, seniority level, and job description. Furthermore, it's possible to narrow the results down according to company headcount. At the individual level, you can even look for leads who’ve worked for specific companies in the past.

Another element of Sales Navigator's advanced search functionality are Boolean operators. Using AND, OR, and NOT, you can define a clear target persona for your leads.

Finally, it’s possible to filter results with keywords. Sales Navigator will search through people's profile descriptions, and show you those matching your specific keywords.

2 - Save Searches and Leads - and Get Updates

Sales Navigator makes it possible to save search parameters rather than asking users to build each search query from scratch every time. Re-running the same searches periodically will give you a clear picture of the dynamics among the leads you’re interested in. Running an identical search again after two months will likely yield different results.

It's also possible to save specific leads in the navigator. If these leads change jobs, you will receive alerts immediately. This gives you the opportunity to use the same lead to access a new company, or to try again with someone who has declined your services in their old position - but may be able to accept in their new one.

3 - Integrate CRM Systems

On the higher tiers of Sales Navigator, it is possible to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Oracle Sales Cloud, and other popular CRM systems integrate natively with Sales Navigator.

Using this functionality makes it a breeze to manage your sales pipeline, and track data using a single platform. It will also help you evaluate how successful you are in extending your network of leads using Sales Navigator, by running analytics on the leads you acquire there.

4 - Keep Your Eyes on Both Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Of course, Sales Navigator is geared mostly towards outbound sales. However, as with LinkedIn Premium, users can also see who has viewed their profile recently. This allows you to harness it for inbound connections.

Periodically checking who has visited your LinkedIn profile or company page will give you insight into who is already interested in you. Given this preliminary interest, these leads are likely to be particularly valuable.

5 - Use Data for Personalization of Cold Emails

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also offers access to deeper insights than most other B2B sales tools currently on the market. Hundreds of thousands of professionals in your industry share details about themselves freely on this platform. Using Sales Navigator, you can make use of these details - for example, to personalize cold emails.

Once you have identified a promising lead using Sales Navigator, you can dig through their interests, passion projects, former jobs, educational background, and much more. You can do this manually, but for larger sets, the advanced filters outlined above come in handy.

With the information you gather this way, it is easy to personalize cold email templates, segment your lists of leads, and add intimate touches that can boost your cold emailing ROI.

Even just using variables such as {Title} when addressing someone you’ve never been in contact with before can make all the difference.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn's Sales Navigator is one of the most valuable lead finding tools out there for marketers. It’s worth investing the time and effort into getting to grips with the tool and learning about its full range of features. This will allow you to dig deeper than you thought possible, find highly specific leads, and increase your sales efficiency.

Is Sales Navigator worth its monthly subscription fee, which starts at $64.99 per month? In a word, yes.

But if you want to go ahead and explore its possibilities for yourself first, the platform offers a free trial. The lead hunting season is open!

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